Communication Gathering UMA 2020 Happiness Bring Creativity

The Communication Studies program at the Medan Area University (UMA) held a Communication Gathering on Saturday (7/3) at Armaya Wisata Pancur Batu.

With the theme Happiness Bring Creativity intends to create togetherness between communication sciences students per stambuk and establish intimacy with communication science lecturers and can be creative to advance communication science.

The activities began with remarks, sharing sessions, eating together, the appearance of talent per stambuk and game out door. Hundreds of students joined the event enthusiastically.

The Dean of the Social Sciences UMA Dr. Hery Kusmanto emphasized that UMA communication science was one of the Study Programs that were accredited A. “Of the three Study Programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences, two were accredited A, including Communication Study Programs. Therefore FISIP is the most advanced faculty at UMA, “he said.

The Dean also stated that he supported the gathering. It also encourages students to be creative, such as attending international student events at USM, Malaysia.

“There, communication students from all over the world gather to compete,” he explained.

While the Head of Communication Science Study Program Ilma Sakinah Tamsil M.Comm was very supportive of this event and hoped that there would be no more differences between communication students in the morning and evening classes.

He hopes that students can further improve their achievements and graduate on time.

With this activity it is hoped that the communication science study program will be even better going forward and become a good example for other study programs both in terms of achievement and familiarity and this activity will also become an annual activity at the UMA communication science study program.

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