Inauguration of University Area Medan Functionary in 2020

The inauguration of the Head of Medan Area University Institutions and Units was attended by Chairman of the Hajj Education Foundation Agus Salim Drs. M. Erwin Siregar, MBA Rector of the University of Medan Area Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng, M.Sc, the vice-chancellor, the deans who were present at the functionary inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, took place at the Medan University Area Convention Hall.

The Chancellor of Medan Area University in his remarks said congratulations on the inauguration of the head of Institutions and Units in the Medan Area University that had been selected was able to carry out the mandate to make the UMA campus better, equally known that at Medan Area University there were many study programs that had accredited A It is expected that the heads of Institutions and Units to improve services to students so that Medan Area University students are very proud of having excellent academic services.

Hopefully the mandate given by the Medan Area University can be upheld for the advancement of the Medan Area University campus and become an excellent academic service for students and lecturers in accordance with the vision and mission of UMA.

As we have heard, the University of Medan Area’s vision and mission is to produce graduates who are innovative, personal and independent, besides wanting to be a superior university in the fields of academics, science and technology education in 2025.

Head of the Hajj Education Foundation Agus Salim Drs. M. Erwin Siregar, MBA said that UMA HR must have achievements, not the ordinary ones who are only busy with routine work and that … must be creative, innovative and outstanding, have international research and service listed on the Scopus Journal website, Scimago, etc., we don’t just walk in place or jog, but we have to run if we can run very fast so that the University of Medan Area campus is a campus that has international cooperation relations, ‘said the Chair of YPHAS.

“I expect the lecturers at UMA to create creativity and work ethic so that UMA is leading in Research and Service can defeat other campuses, or can discuss with the rector and to me,” said the Chairman of YPHAS.

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